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  • A symbol for pilgrims en-route to the shrine of St James to a global oil refinery, the scallop shell possibly the most influential shell in the world today. The St James through parts of Europe, the ‘Jakobsmuschel’ in Germany and the ‘Coquille St Jacques’ in France, the scallop’s popularity breaks many boundaries.
    The scallop is one of nature’s strongest swimmers, using its abductor muscle to propel it and its shell through the water. Such is the biology of the scallop; its meat is as tender as it is sweet.
    The two main varieties of scallop available in Australia are:
    Commercial or Tasmanian, king or seas scallops – creamy flesh colour, typically sold with the orange roe attached. Available both farmed and wild all year round with a peak season September through December.




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