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  • Barramundi, Aboriginal for 'Large Scales' and one of Australia’s most commonly caught and eaten fish.

    In Australia, Barramundi is both caught in the wild and farmed (fresh and sea water based). To the untrained eye, farmed and wild Barramundi are the same, but the farmed variety are typically marketed as 'Baby' and at about 30cm and less than 2kg and much smaller than the wild variety.

    The reputation of ‘muddyness’ proceeds the Barramundi to the diner but this is especially not true with the farmed variety; thanks in large to farming and catch programs.

    With its large flakes and firm flesh, this is the ideal fish for harsh cooking methods such as grilling or barbequing or for those inexperienced in cooking fish. If you want to maintain the moisture in a Barramundi you should consider steaming with soy and other Asian flavours or simply wrapping in foil prior to cooking.




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