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  • Flathead is one of Australia’s most popular and versatile eating fish. There are over 40 varieties of flathead found in Australian waters, although the most common are blue-spotted, rock, tiger and dusky.

    Fans of the fish love its firm, white flesh, which has a subtle sweet flavour and is moist and low in oiliness.

    Flathead is one of those fish that can be cooked with a minimum of fuss and needs little embellishment. It tastes great pan fried with a little lemon and olive oil. And of course, it’s one of the most sought after fish for battering and deep frying. Fillets can also be crumbed, poached, steamed, grilled or marinated ceviche style while whole flathead can be roasted or barbecued.

    It’s a great eating fish as most of the bones are near the top of the fish and can be very easily removed. Tail fillets are perfect for children as they are boneless.




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