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  • Mullet, they’re everywhere. Found schooling in oceans, estuaries and in more rare occasions, freshwater. Such is their abundance, there are a number of varieties of Mullet in Australia.
    The largest in the Sea Mullet and as the name suggests, it’s found in the sea. The Diamond scale is the most expensive of the Mullet family, and is so because of it only being available in the far north of the country. The most commonly caught and sold mullet is the Yellow Eye Mullet, found from New South Wales’s mid north coast round to Western Australia.
    Perfect from grilling or pan frying because of its oily flesh and skin that crisps beautifully. The Mullet has a distinct taste, but this can be modified by removing the skin and excess fat precooking or by smoking instead. This fish also performs well once marinated and/or baked.




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