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Over 40 years ago Theo Parissos left his native Greece and island home of Lemnos bound for the shores of Australia and a new life. It wasn't long before he found himself fishing the pristine waters of South Australia, where his dream soon began to take hold. Little did Theo know back then that his dream would become reality and result in a family business that is dedicated to supplying the highest quality fresh seafood in the country.
The Parissos Seafood's brand is synonymous with quality and freshness amongst seafood restaurants throughout South Australia. It is without a doubt one of Adelaide's biggest success stories when it comes to processing, retailing & wholesaling of seafood. 
With future plans to take South Australia's wonderful seafood to the rest of the world, Parissos Seafood's will always remain the go to place for fresh fish in Adelaide. Any member of the public & restaurants can rest assured their seafood recipes will be done justice as they continue to depend on Parissos Seafood's for the highest standard and variety they have become renowned for.
With an incredible range of the best prawns, lobsters, scallops, Whiting, mussels, crabs, Atlantic salmon and much more, it's little wonder those in the business of quality, go to Parissos Seafood's. Having such a great supplier takes the worry out of constantly sourcing excellence to satisfy the acute awareness of seafood lovers in the market today.
At Parissos Seafood's they understand value and know it's the life blood of any business. When you order seafood for your restaurant, it's important to order the best there is and at Parissos Seafood's, best is what they do best.







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