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  • Related closely to the squid and calamari, the cuttlefish is found pretty much worldwide. They are found in varying sizes and varying depths in the ocean.
    The differentiating feature of the cuttlefish from the squid or the calamari its cuttlebone – a long flat bone running close to the length of its body. This bone is what you’ll find washed up on beaches and is commonly used in pet bird cages as a means of cleaning and sharpening beaks.
    Our cuttlefish is amongst the freshest available and surely the tastiest.
    Parisso Seafoods go to great lengths to ensure our cuttlefish are prepared to highest of standards and are sold as close to ‘straight from the ocean’ as possible. This seafood is widely misunderstood in many kitchens but its flavours should be considered by all culinary connoisseurs.




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