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  • From tiny crabs who make their home in oyster shells to the aptly named, Giant Crab, there are over 1,000 species of crabs (or ten footer crawlers) worldwide. Despite this enormous variety, Australian crabs, and those which we supply are typically part of the swimmer family – clearly identified by their paddle-like rear legs.

    The three main species of crab in Australia are:

    • Blue Swimmer Crab, named for their obvious blue appearance but like all crustaceans, turn orange once cooked. They are available all year round, weigh between two and three hundred grams and are known for their mild sweet flavour.
    • Mud Crabs, are typically found in muddy coastal flat regions around nutrient rich mangrove plantations. These crabs are much larger in size than their swimmer relatives mentioned above. They typically weigh between five hundred grams and one kilogram, yield about 25% meat and carry a slightly stronger flavour and firmer texture than other crabs.
    • Spanner crabs, are typically found close to shore, buried in sand. They generally weigh around 400 grams and yield 25% meat. While smaller in size this variety are preferred by many chefs for their distinctive taste and shape.

    No matter your crab needs, Parissos Seafoods have them covered




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