Squid Calamari

Squid Calamari

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Squid Calamari
  • Salt and pepper squid, we know you love it, it’s an ever present crowd pleaser with every entree menu. When prepared correctly, the crunchy exterior paired with the combination of sweet meat and salted squid is sure to please the fussiest of diner.
    ‘Calamari’ is the Italian word for ‘Squids’, but it also refers to species of Squid whose fins run the length of their bodies. These squids or Calamari are often far more enjoyable than others.
    The majority of Australia’s commercial squid supply comes from our South Australian waters, such is climate available. Parisso Seafoods is a leader in the field, providing the freshest tastiest squid available. Our squids are caught, prepared and processed to the highest standards.




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