Mussels Clams

Mussels Clams

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Mussels Clams
  • Due to both, their rarity and required processing, some molluscs can be expensive to use, this is not the case with the humble mussel. Hence the colloquial phrase, ‘every man’s oyster’.
    Popular worldwide, the mussel doesn’t differ greatly in variety but more so in cooking method and flavours. The only mussels available commercially in Australia are the common mussel or blue mussel. They can be found in the wild to depths of about twenty meters but are farmed on a large scale in Australia.
    These mussels are typically sold live, so it is important to cook these mussels as soon as you can after purchase. Once cooked, they can then be frozen for storage for up to three months. If choosing this method, do not re cook them as they become quite tough. Use thawed in soups or salads only.




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