Blue fin tuna

Blue fin tuna

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Blue fin tuna
  • Blue fin tuna is a large and sleek fish with blue fins that is highly valued as a sashimi grade fish. Much loved for its fatty, rich, medium flavoured red meat, Blue fin tuna is caught in the southern waters of Australia off Tasmania and in the Great Australian Bight and also ranched from sea pens near Port Lincoln in South Australia.
    Nowadays blue fin tuna fishing is done to a very strict quota system to ensure a sustainable supply.
    Blue fin tuna is considered the best fish to eat raw because it has a soft delicate taste. It is Japan’s favourite sashimi fish and sells for extremely high prices.
    Blue fin tuna is delicious served raw as sashimi, crudo or ceviche. It’s also great quickly grilled on a hot barbecue and served rare. Or try it in salads or pasta dishes.




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