Grilled crustaceans. How to cook crustaceans on the bbq


    How to cook crustaceans on BBQ



    Grilled Fish


    Shellfish are among the finest foods


    Shellfish are among the finest foods. Prawns, rock lobster, slipper lobster and crabs, have the most tender, crispy, delicious meat.

    Slipper lobster is not dissimilar in texture and flavor to the shrimp.

    Shrimps and prawns are often confused. Scampi is a member of the lobster family and has claws. The Rock Lobster belongs to the crawfish family.

    Shellfish are valuable seafood. It takes patience and care preparing them for the grill.

    Grilled Fish

    • STEP

    Place a knife with strong blade on the tail. Cut through the whole shell of large crustaceans (slipper lobster, rock lobster) halving it lengthwise. With scampi and king prawns, split the shell and cut through the flesh to the abdomen, then open to a "Butterfly"

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    Skewered Shrimp. Pierce the shrimps with the metal skewer twice, so the shrimps hold firmly and can be turned on the grill more easily

    Grilled crustaceans
    • STEP

    When the carapace is cut, the intestine is exposed and can be easily removed. Slit open the dorsal skin of the peeled prawn with a sharp knife going from front to back; now the dark intestine is exposed and can be easily removed with the knife tip

    • STEP

    Preparation of giant prawns with shell:
    The pelvic fins must be removed as they can burn on the grill.
    Remove the abdominal skin and ventral fins; cut along both sides of the shell to the tail and remove

    • STEP

    Shellfish should be placed on their shells on the rack over the embers. The shells turn red-orange in the heat. The meat is snow white. Now marinate the meat (use very few herbs). Finish grilling by turning them onto the fleshy side with the tongs for 1-2 minutes

    • STEP

    Hot plate. Apply a little cooking oil to the hot plate.
    Season the peeled shrimp or shellfish skewer, marinate and then roast on the plate. Cooking time is short. The shrimps are ready when the flesh is turns pink-orange

    • Shellfish are processed, frozen and made available all year round at quality FRESH FISH specialists
    • Tip: Buy frozen shellfish and thaw slowly before grilling. Crustaceans grilled in their shells are juicy and tasty




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