West Coast Oysters

Rob opening an oysterSuppliers of succulent Pacific Oysters, grown in the pristine waters of Coffin Bay, South Australia. Call into our shed at Coffin Bay and grab a couple dozen to enjoy.

Coffin Bay farm is located on the Eyre Peninsula - a region that encompasses 2,000 kilometers of pure pristine Australian coastline.

Farmed in the strong currents of the southern ocean (one of the cleanest oceans in the world), with sparkling blue waters and wild untamed coastline, this region has a raw natural beauty unmatched anywhere in the world.

Rob Swincer, the owner an operator of West Coast Oysters has been farming these waters for over 20 years. Utlilzing several different growing locations within the Bay allows Rob to manage the always changing environmental conditions throughout the seasons and produce consistent quality produce to satisfy the most discerning taste.



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