How to cook fish fillets on grill


    How to cook fish fillets on grill



    Fish fillets


    Red Snapper and Perch fillets


    Whether a fillet is with or without skin, large or small, it is a fine tasting and very delicate grillable food. The grill must be clean, ideally scrubbed with a wire brush when it is already hot. The grill rods must be well oiled. Soak a rag in cooking oil and rub the grill bars. The distance between the grate and coal should not be too wide. Keep as near as possible over glowing embers.

    Grilled Fish – it's constant trial and error: that's why several different types from the huge range of FRESH FISH belong on your grill! Servings should be generous.

    Grilled Fish

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    Cut larger fillets into two or three pieces. Smaller pieces are easier to turn on the grill. Dry the fillets carefully with paper towels.

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    Season lightly with salt and pepper on both sides. Do not marinade yet, the herbs in the marinade could catch fire. No lemon please, the fresh fish would lose its delicate flavor.

    Grilled crustaceans
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    Place the dry fillet carefully on the hot, clean, grill grate that is coated with oil. First grill the fleshy side, then the skin side, otherwise it will contract.

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    After grilling for 3-4 minutes carefully lift and turn the fillet with the trowel.

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    Grill for a further 1-2 minutes after turning the fillet. Cover the fillet with marinade. Do not allow the oil in the marinade to drip onto the embers, it might ignite them which would be detrimental to the grilled food.

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    Grill Pan. Preparing fillets in a grill pan on the stove is just as simple as over the embers. The pan should be coated with very little oil. The grill temperature is reached when fine blue smoke appears.

    • The marinade is the secret of every grill cook and every barbecue chef
    • Tip: For a FRESH FISH herb marinade take 100 g fresh, fine herbs (basil, dill, parsley, chervil), 10 g salt and 2 dl extra virgin olive oil. Wash the herbs, dry well, chop finely and mix with the olive oil and salt.




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