There are over 70 species of cone shells found in the warm waters of South Australia, add to that the varieties of octopus and squid and as a country we have an amazing source of great seafood, the molluscs.
At Parissos Seafoods we specialise in sourcing and processing Octopus, Squid, Scallops, Oysters, Mussels and Cuttlefish. Our Molluscs, like the rest of our seafood range are caught stored and processed in the most efficient and hygienic manner, ensuring the highest quality produce for our customers.
This variety of seafood as always been popular right across Australia but with the explosion of cooking shows recently, the demand has gone through the roof. It’s worth noting, specific techniques are required to cook this type of seafood, but we are more than happy to walk you through these steps.
Whether you want a steady supply of fresh molluscs for your restaurant or a few scallops for a attention grabbing starter with Sunday’s dinner, Parissos Seafoods should be your first call.

  • Related closely to the squid and calamari, the cuttlefish is found pretty much worldwide. They are found in varying sizes and varying depths in the ocean.
    The differentiating feature of the cuttlefish from the squid or the calamari ...

  • Due to both, their rarity and required processing, some molluscs can be expensive to use, this is not the case with the humble mussel. Hence the colloquial phrase, ‘every man’s oyster’. Popular worldwide, the mussel doesn’t differ greatly ...

  • Such is their natural appearance in nature, Jonathan Swift was quite right to say, “it was a bold man who first ate an oyster”. Once food for the poor and underprivileged, the oyster is now the most commonly enjoyed mollusc ...

  • A symbol for pilgrims en-route to the shrine of St James to a global oil refinery, the scallop shell possibly the most influential shell in the world today. The St James through parts of Europe, the ‘Jakobsmuschel’ in ...

  • Salt and pepper squid, we know you love it, it’s an ever present crowd pleaser with every entree menu. When prepared correctly, the crunchy exterior paired with the combination of sweet meat and salted squid is sure ...

  • Octopus has always been an attention grabbing option on many restaurant menus, we challenge anyone to honestly say “they haven’t been somewhere without baby octopus on the menu at some point”. This is ...



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