With around 11 million square Kilometres of fishing zone and some of the most pristine waters on the planet, it's no surprise Australia produces some pretty amazing seafood. Some of most sort after of these seafood delicacies are crustaceans and some of the best of these are found in South Australian waters.
At the top of the list when it comes to a class menu, lobster, crayfish and crab are the elite of crustacean cuisine. The Southern and Western Rock Lobster is an absolute delicacy that many Australians would dearly love to indulge in more often and they remain the ultimate in seafood delights. The wonderful Blue Swimmer Crab is a must for any crustacean creation and is fast becoming the darling of seafood lovers.
Right behind the kings of the crustacean family but by no means second best are prawns and shrimp. With a variety to choose from, these versatile virtuoso's of crustacean culinary delights always end up on the seafood shopping list. They are simply delicious and very easy to cook. They lend themselves beautifully to all cuisines from Asian, Middle Eastern and Cajun work perfectly in any fusion menu.


The best recipes with Crustaceans here

Crustaceans include commonly-known marine life such as crabs, lobsters, barnacles and shrimp.

  • Native to our waters, Australia is home to arguably some of the world’s finest seafood, our lobster is no exception.

  • From tiny crabs who make their home in oyster shells to the aptly named, Giant Crab, there are over 1,000 species of crabs (or ten footer crawlers) worldwide.

  • Our Crayfish are definitely some of the biggest in the world and some would argue the best. Australia is a blessed nation – we are bathed ...

  • Prawns, a staple in any Australian feast, a highlight of any restaurant menu and a crowd favourite. Prawns, a staple in any Australian feast, a ...



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